Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Fate in a Jar' Album Review

Cicada Rhythm
Fate in a Jar
March 2012

Fate in a Jar is a five-track EP from Cicada Rhythm, a folk duo that consists of Julliard-trained bassist Andrea DeMarcus and Georgia Tech engineering student/guitar player David Kirslis with both members contributing vocals. Both vocalists have distinctive voice that contribute to the band's unique sound. DeMarcus' voice possesses the powerful quality of a 40s juke-joint singer and Kirslis' has a country-like twang, as if Billie Holiday and the Tallest Man on Earth collaborated to make a folk album. These two distinct vocal types combine for rich harmonies on each track, giving this release the feel of two friend jamming on a back porch.  Kirslis' rhythmic acoustic guitar parts are bright and hypnotizing and DeMarcus contributes melodic standing bass solos. All these elements come together to produce an inimitable sound that is an amalgamation of classical training and simple folk composition.

-Chris D.

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