Monday, February 20, 2012

'Paralytic Stalks' Album Review

of Montreal 
Paralytic Stalks
February 2012

of Montreal- Malefic Dowery

The eleventh full-length from of Montreal is definitely a new step in direction for Barnes, foreshadowed by the experimentation on the previous thecontrollersphere EP. Paralytic Stalks trades in the glammed-out funk of the last two of Montreal albums for explorations into new sonic territories like no-wave and ambient music, even dabbling in country on "Wintered Debts." There are still moments where Barnes channels his inner Bowie and can captivate the listener despite the experimental approach taken here, but the jubilation and hypersexuality heard in False Priest and Skeletal Lamping aren't here, the lyrics instead being more emotionally naked and personal like on Hissing Fauna, except here it actually sound like he's on the verge of a breakdown. The album is completely cohesive as well, each song being comprised of smaller vignettes and every track flowing into the next without interruption.

-Richard H.

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