Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'Wowser Bowser' Album Review

Wowser Bowser
Wowser Bowser
Adair Park Recordings
January 2012

Wowser Bowser-E Dialeda Ho

This is the first album from this Atlanta-based band, which takes influences from Reptar and Qurious. The band utilizes a lot of synths and drum loops in addition to their standard guitar, keyboard, bass, drum set-up, plus a trumpet.  Every member of the 5-piece band provides vocals, which contribute to the rich exaggeratingly reverberated harmonies.  Multiple tracks take you back to a colorful childhood feeling, with hints of nursery rhymes and arcade games.  The album promotes dancing, with its syncopated electro rhythms and beats. The relatable lyrics will grab your attention while the music holds you in a trance.  Take Wowser Bowser into the wilderness and let them paint you a picture of what your life is like back in the urban world.

'Wowser Bowser' Full Album

-Taylor C.

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